Vintage Chev racer

This is where we start

1st Raceday and pit crew

3 days before race bearing fails !

Disaster! Cracked bearing

Bonnet on, body nearly done

Scuttle shaping


Testing the pattern

Timber frame work

A bit of colour

Modified SU carbies

Adding the skin

We are building a vintage 1928 Chev racer, this is not a hot rod with modern equipment but an original car stripped back to a bare shell and modifications to the motor. First we added a pair of SU carburettors , have improved the ignition and will raise the compression ration from 5:1 to 7.5:1 . This is the same car Juan Fangio used when he started racing as a teenager and had it doing 100 mph. 

Testing the pattern

Our 1928 Chevy work horse

We use this lovely 1928 Chev ute for our pick ups and deliveries I have owned it for over 25 years now, all the body I built my self 80% from recycled materials. All the timber work for the body was found in skips, the seat was rebuilt from an old mattress, the windows are from an old VW beetle and a Bedford truck, at 87 years young it earns its keep. Chev oil filter modernimageimageimage

1927 Indian Scout


Log splitter